You can download source code from following links, then compile and install Doris.

VersionRelease DateDownload Source from Mirror
0.12.02020-04-24SourceDownloads - 图1 (SignatureDownloads - 图2 SHA512Downloads - 图3)
0.11.02019-11-29SourceDownloads - 图4 (SignatureDownloads - 图5 SHA512Downloads - 图6)
0.10.02019-07-02SourceDownloads - 图7 (SignatureDownloads - 图8 SHA512Downloads - 图9)
0.9.02019-02-18SourceDownloads - 图10 (SignatureDownloads - 图11 SHA512Downloads - 图12)

To verify the downloaded files, please read Verify Apache Release and using these KEYSDownloads - 图13.

After verification, please read Compilation and Installation and deployment to compile and install Doris.