Writing guidelines

This is a collection of guidelines and rules we try to adhere to when writing
and editing “Everything curl”.

Capitalization of words in section names

We do not use that practice, partially because our sections are not really
“chapters”, but also to create a more informal feel.

Avoid prepositions at the end of sentences

This is not a hard rule, but we should strive to avoid it.

Avoid colloquial contractions like it’ll, must’ve, might’ve, should’ve

Spell them out as “it will” and “must have”, etc.

- vs — (typographical em dash)

And … vs … (typographical ellipses)

Let’s try to use the correct UTF-8 characters!

Avoid the short forms of dir and repo

They are instead called “directory” and “repository”.

Internet with a capital I

Still the proper name of the one we all know and love. The same goes for other
proper names like Linux, Unix, Windows (the OS), and JavaScript.

Avoid using command-line options in titles or subtitles

Use an English phrase instead. This is not a man page.

Use backticks around libcurl constants

For example, CURLE_OK and CURLOPT_URL.