Appendix H: Document History

The exact file history is recorded in our git repository; see

Revision History


13 Jun 2020


Various minor changes in copy and styling while checking migrating the German version to AsciiDoc


6 Jun 2020


  • Split chapter Built-in Functions and Context Variables into two chapters: Built-in Functions, and Context Variables

  • Removed incorrect caution on expressions in ORDER BY

  • Made function and context variable description use consistent order


1 Jun 2020


Conversion to AsciiDoc. Various copy-editing, and fixing factual errors and other problems while checking and correcting AsciiDoc.


22 Jan 2018


Updated the file history link at the top of this chapter to reflect the migration of the Doc source tree to Github.

Typos fixed/updates by M. Rotteveel Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018

  • 14.12.2017 psql.xml line 544 replaced ‘stored procedures’ with ‘triggers’

  • 14.12.2017 psql.xml line 1070 removed extraneous ‘>’ symbol

  • 21.01.2018 functions-vars.xml line 1222 replaced ‘CURRENT_TIME’ with ‘CURRENT_TIMESTAMP’

  • 21.01.2018 dml.xml line 19 switched ‘INSERT OR UPDATE’ to ‘UPDATE OR INSERT’

  • 21.01.2018 dml.xml line 3344 removed extraneous ‘the’

  • 21.01.2018 ddl.xml line 3359 inserted missing keyword ‘INDEX’ for SET STATISTICS syntax

  • 21.01.2018 commons.xml line 1330 switch keywords ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’

  • 21.01.2018 structure.xml lines 276 to 278 change date literal format to ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ and include hex representation in example


11 Aug 2017


There have been no further changes to the content during the final review period. The chapters DML, PSQL, Functions and Variables, Transactions and Security were not reviewed in this phase.


11 Aug 2016


Several revisions were published during the year, as a Beta 1, with reviews of various sections by Paul Vinkenoog, Aage Johansen and Mark Rotteveel. This revision (0.906) awaits final revision of some later sections, marked as “Editor’s Note” in red italics.


1 Sep 2015


Original was in Russian, translated by Dmitry Borodin (MegaTranslations). Raw translation edited and converted to DocBook, as this revison (0.900), by Helen Borrie.

This revision distributed as a PDF build only, for review by Dmitry Yemanov, et al.

Reviewers, please pay attention to the comments like this: Editor’s note :: The sky is falling, take cover!