In this section, we would like to highlight the most important changes in theGraalVM releases. There are different components to GraalVM, so we highlightthe changes to these separately.

    Since GraalVM advances fast and has many different components, we believe we worked out an appropriate versioning scheme, described on Version Roadmap page.

    GraalVM evolved from a project into a mature product. We previously onlypublished “release candidates” builds of GraalVM and gathered the mostsignificant improvements in Release Candidatessummary.

    In May 2019, GraalVM 19.0 was released as a production-ready software.Currently, there is one release branch of GraalVM: 19. Next year, we willrelease GraalVM 20, and so on. During the year, there are several releases fromthe main line of the project, e.g. 19.1, 19.2, to follow the updates to theplatforms GraalVM depends upon: OpenJDK, Node.js, LLVM, Ruby, R, Python. Wegrouped the release notes to major releases in descending order for usability reasons.Please choose a release you are interested at and proceed to its page.

    If you find an issue or want to submit a feature request please use therepositories for the project closest related to the issue:

    If in doubt, the main repository will work, we would be happy to hear any feedback: oracle/graal. Known issues with the components GraalVM uses are listed here.