minikube command reference

Enable or disable a minikube addon

Add, delete, or push a local image into minikube

Generate command completion for a shell

Modify persistent configuration values

Copy the specified file into minikube

Access the Kubernetes dashboard running within the minikube cluster

Deletes a local Kubernetes cluster

Configure environment to use minikube’s Docker daemon

Help about any command

Manage images

Retrieves the IP address of the specified node

Run a kubectl binary matching the cluster version

Returns logs to debug a local Kubernetes cluster

Mounts the specified directory into minikube

Add, remove, or list additional nodes

Show a list of global command-line options (applies to all commands).

pause Kubernetes

Configure environment to use minikube’s Podman service

Get or list the current profiles (clusters)

Returns a URL to connect to a service

Log into the minikube environment (for debugging)

Retrieve the ssh host key of the specified node

Retrieve the ssh identity key path of the specified node

Starts a local Kubernetes cluster

Gets the status of a local Kubernetes cluster

Stops a running local Kubernetes cluster

Connect to LoadBalancer services

unpause Kubernetes

Print current and latest version number

Update kubeconfig in case of an IP or port change

Print the version of minikube

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