Available design docs

2020-11-09HDDS-4440Proposed persistent OM connection for S3 gatewayProposal to use per-request authentication and persistent connections between S3g and OMaccepted
2020-06-30HDDS-3816Erasure Coding in OzoneUse Erasure Coding algorithm for efficient storagedraft
2020-06-30HDDS-2665Implement new Ozone FileSystem scheme ofs://A new schema structure for Hadoop compatible file systemimplemented
2020-06-08HDDS-3755Storage ClassNew abstraction to configure replication methods.draft
2020-04-02HDDS-3331Ozone Volume ManagementA simplified version of mapping between S3 buckets and Ozone volume/bucketsaccepted
2020-03-25HDDS-3001NFS support OzoneAdopt NFS gateway of HDFS and provide NFS file system viewdraft
2020-03-05HDDS-2823SCM HA supportHA for Storage Container Manager using Ratis to replicate dataimplementing
2020-01-20HDDS-2939Ozone FS namespaceUse additional prefix table for indexed data retrievalimplementing
2020-01-09HDDS-2867Generic Extensible Token support for OzoneExtend existing token architecture to all entities of Ozoneaccepted
2019-11-07HDDS-2416Ozone Trash FeatureFeature provides a user with the ability to recover keys that may have been deleted accidentally. (similar to the HDFS trash feature).implementing
2019-08-19HDDS-1996Recon server v2Second phase of Recon development. Recon acts as a passive SCM.implemented
2019-07-31HDDS-1881Decommissioning in OzoneFormal process to shut down machines in a safe way after the required replications.implementing
2019-06-20HDDS-2012Ozone GDPR frameworkCrypto key management to handle GDPR “right to be forgotten” featureimplemented
2019-06-20HDDS-1672Ozone locks in OMHierarchical locking structure for OM elements (volumes/keys/buckets)implemented
2019-06-07HDDS-1659Ozone Enhancement ProposalsDefinition of the process to share new technical proposals with the Ozone community.implemented
2019-05-25HDDS-1467Configless Ozone service managementDistribute only minimal configuration and download all the remaining before startaccepted
2019-05-21HDDS-1564Ozone multi-raft supportDatanodes can be part of multiple independent RAFT groups / pipelinesimplemented
2019-04-25HDDS-1466Type-safe configuration APIInject configuration values based on annotations instead of using constants and Hadoop APIimplemented
2019-02-19HDDS-1084Recon server 1Second phase of Recon development. Recon acts as a passive SCM.implemented
2019-02-08HDDS-1041Ozone Encryption At RestTransparent Data Encryption encrypts the data before store itimplemented
2018-11-16HDDS-698Topology-awarenessPlacement policy to use rack information for read and writeimplemented
2018-09-27HDDS-434S3 protocol support for OzoneSupport any AWS S3 compatible client with dedicated REST endpointimplemented
2018-09-18HDDS-505Ozone Manager HASupport HA for Ozone Manager with the help of RATISimplemented