13.2 Nodes

A node is an executing Erlang runtime system that has been given a name, using the command-line flag -name (long names) or -sname (short names).

The format of the node name is an atom name@host. name is the name given by the user. host is the full host name if long names are used, or the first part of the host name if short names are used. node() returns the name of the node.


  1. % erl -name dilbert
  2. (dilbert@uab.ericsson.se)1> node().
  3. 'dilbert@uab.ericsson.se'
  5. % erl -sname dilbert
  6. (dilbert@uab)1> node().
  7. dilbert@uab


A node with a long node name cannot communicate with a node with a short node name.