Deploying Spiders

This section describes the different options you have for deploying your Scrapy spiders to run them on a regular basis. Running Scrapy spiders in your local machine is very convenient for the (early) development stage, but not so much when you need to execute long-running spiders or move spiders to run in production continuously. This is where the solutions for deploying Scrapy spiders come in.

Popular choices for deploying Scrapy spiders are:

Deploying to a Scrapyd Server

Scrapyd is an open source application to run Scrapy spiders. It provides a server with HTTP API, capable of running and monitoring Scrapy spiders.

To deploy spiders to Scrapyd, you can use the scrapyd-deploy tool provided by the scrapyd-client package. Please refer to the scrapyd-deploy documentation for more information.

Scrapyd is maintained by some of the Scrapy developers.

Deploying to Scrapy Cloud

Scrapy Cloud is a hosted, cloud-based service by Scrapinghub, the company behind Scrapy.

Scrapy Cloud removes the need to setup and monitor servers and provides a nice UI to manage spiders and review scraped items, logs and stats.

To deploy spiders to Scrapy Cloud you can use the shub command line tool. Please refer to the Scrapy Cloud documentation for more information.

Scrapy Cloud is compatible with Scrapyd and one can switch between them as needed - the configuration is read from the scrapy.cfg file just like scrapyd-deploy.