Articles about RocksDB

Herein we try and maintain a list of relevant 3rd-party articles about RocksDB.

Getting Started

Migrating from LevelDB to RocksDB by Leonidas Galanis. 16th January 2015.

The Journey from Faster to Better by Mark Callaghan and Igor Canadi. 22nd October 2015.

Working with RocksDB

Integrating RocksDB with MongoDB by Igor Canadi. 22nd April 2015.

WriteBatchWithIndex: Utility for Implementing Read-Your-Own-Writes by Siying Dong. 27th February 2015.

How to persist in-memory RocksDB database? by Igor Canadi. 27th March 2014.

Reading RocksDB options from a file by Leonidas Galanis. 24th February 2015.

How to backup RocksDB? by Igor Canadi. 27th March 2014.


State of RocksDB by Igor Canadi. 4th December 2014.

Geo-spatial Features in RocksDB by Igor Canadi and Yin Wang. 12th November 2014.

“Lockless” Get() in RocksDB? Scale with CPU Cores by Lei Jin. 27th March 2014.

Under the Hood: Building and open-sourcing RocksDB by Dhruba Borthakur. 21st November 2013.


MyRocks Deep Dive by Yoshinori Matsunobu. 18th April 2016.


how innodb lost its advantage by Domas Mituzas. 9th April 2015.

How RocksDB is used in osquery by Mike Arpaia and Ted Reed. 30th April 2015.

MongoDB + RocksDB at Parse by Charity Majors. 22nd April 2015.

Stream Processing with Samza @ LinkedIn by Naveen Somasundaram. 4th December 2014.

Rock Solid Queues @ by Reed Allman. 4th December 2014.


RocksDB & ForestDB via the ForestDB benchmark, part 1 by Mark Callaghan. 8th June 2015. See also:

Comparing LevelDB and RocksDB, take 2 by Mark Callaghan. April 27th 2015.

Benchmarking the leveldb family by Mark Callaghan. July 7th 2014.