Ozone has a set of command line tools that can be used to manage ozone.

All these commands are invoked via the ozone script.

Daemon commands:

  • scm - Storage Container Manager service, via daemon can be started or stopped.
  • om - Ozone Manager, via daemon command can be started or stopped.
  • datanode - Via daemon command, the HDDS data nodes can be started or stopped.
  • s3g - Start the S3 compatible REST gateway
  • recon - The Web UI service of Ozone can be started with this command.

Client commands:

  • sh - Primary command line interface for ozone to manage volumes/buckets/keys.
  • fs - Runs a command on ozone file system (similar to hdfs dfs)
  • version - Prints the version of Ozone and HDDS.

Admin commands:

  • admin - Collects admin and developer related commands related to the ozone components.
  • insight - Generic tool to display filtered log, metrics or configs to help debuging. See the observability page for more information.
  • classpath - Prints the class path needed to get the hadoop jar and the required libraries.
  • dtutil - Operations related to delegation tokens
  • envvars - Display computed Hadoop environment variables.
  • getconf - Reads ozone config values from configuration.
  • jmxget - Get JMX exported values from NameNode or DataNode.
  • genconf - Generate minimally required ozone configs and output to ozone-site.xml.

Test tools:

  • freon - Runs the ozone load generator.
  • genesis - Developer Only, Ozone micro-benchmark application.

For more information see the following subpages:

Ozone Admin

Ozone Admin command can be used for all the admin related tasks.

Generate Configurations

Tool to generate default configuration

Audit Parser

Audit Parser tool can be used for querying the ozone audit logs.

Testing tools

Ozone contains multiple test tools for load generation, partitioning test or acceptance tests.