Storage Container Manager

Storage Container Manager (SCM) is the leader node of the block space management. The main responsibility is to create and manage containers which is the main replication unit of Ozone.

Storage Container Manager

Main responsibilities

Storage container manager provides multiple critical functions for the Ozone cluster. SCM acts as the cluster manager, Certificate authority, Block manager and the Replica manager.

SCM is in charge of creating an Ozone cluster. When an SCM is booted up via init command, SCM creates the cluster identity and root certificates needed for the SCM certificate authority. SCM manages the life cycle of a data node in the cluster.

  1. SCM is the block manager. SCM allocates blocks and assigns them to data nodes. Clients read and write these blocks directly.

  2. SCM keeps track of all the block replicas. If there is a loss of data node or a disk, SCM detects it and instructs data nodes make copies of the missing blocks to ensure high availability.

  3. SCM’s Ceritificate authority is in charge of issuing identity certificates for each and every service in the cluster. This certificate infrastructure makes it easy to enable mTLS at network layer and the block token infrastructure depends on this certificate infrastructure.

Main components

For a detailed view of Storage Container Manager this section gives a quick overview about the provided network services and the stored persisted data.

Network services provided by Storage Container Manager:

  • Pipelines: List/Delete/Activate/Deactivate
    • pipelines are set of datanodes to form replication groups
    • Raft groups are planned by SCM
  • Containers: Create / List / Delete containers
  • Admin related requests
  • Safemode status/modification
  • Replication manager start / stop
  • CA authority service
  • Required by other sever components
  • Datanode HeartBeat protocol
    • From Datanode to SCM (30 sec by default)
    • Datanodes report the status of containers, node…
    • SCM can add commands to the response

Note: client doesn’t connect directly to the SCM

Persisted state

The following data is persisted in Storage Container Manager side in a specific RocksDB directory

  • Pipelines
    • Replication group of servers. Maintained to find a group for new container/block allocations.
  • Containers
    • Containers are the replication units. Data is required to act in case of data under/over replicated.
  • Deleted blocks
    • Block data is deleted in the background. Need a list to follow the progress.
  • Valid cert, Revoked certs
  • Used by the internal Certificate Authority to authorize other Ozone services

Notable configuration

Notable configuration

ozone.scm.container.size5GBDefault container size used by Ozone
ozone.scm.block.size256MBThe default size of a data block.
hdds.scm.safemode.min.datanode1Minimum number of datanodes to start the real work.
ozone.scm.http-address0.0.0.0:9876HTTP address of the SCM server
ozone.metadata.dirsnoneDirectory to store persisted data (RocksDB).