Linux ssh (remote) driver


This document is written for system integrators who wish to run minikube within a customized VM environment. The ssh driver allows advanced minikube users to skip VM creation, allowing minikube to be run on a user-supplied VM.


A Linux VM with the following:

  • systemd or OpenRC
  • a container runtime, such as Docker or CRIO

This VM must also meet the kubeadm requirements, such as:

  • 2 CPU’s
  • 2GB RAM
  • iptables (in legacy mode)
  • conntrack
  • crictl
  • SELinux permissive
  • cgroups v1 (v2 is not yet supported by Kubernetes)


The ssh driver requires the IP address of the VM to use.

  1. minikube start --driver=ssh



  • Run minikube start --alsologtostderr -v=4 to debug crashes

Last modified February 21, 2021: The github label wasn’t renamed like the driver (b7847cc91)